In 2005, Clearlake Lava, with expert help from our supplier partners, started on a journey to look at our product
to see if it would be appropriate for C330 designation. We knew that lightweight aggregate in concrete is
nothing new in Lake County as it was used successfully in everyday concrete, and compressive strengths have
always been impressive.
Our initial in house trial batches, looking at weight as well as strengths, led us to believe that this material would
be appropriate for C330 type of applications. We sent samples to Stantec Consulting and Dan Gotta, Senior
Associate of Construction Administration Services. We decided on this group due to their stellar reputation and
practical experience with lightweight  material.
Trial batches were conducted, mix designs were developed and it was confirmed that the material met and
would be appropriate for C330 applications. Over the next several months extensive testing was conducted in
our quarry with the cooperation of our Ready Mix Company, Point Lakeview Ready Mix, as we tested all
aspects of the material. We developed a unique mix design calculator and batch control program for this
material. We are pleased to announce the release of this aggregate to the market beginning  May 12th, 2008.  
For those of you that asked us about our progress in the past as well as those that may have not heard about
us, we are looking forward to working with you on your next project.