On the face of it, development of this product seemed to be direct
and simple. After all, there was never an issue with compressive
strengths, and weights were in line with the specifications. The
aggregate was easily hydrated and more importantly, could be
easily re-hydrated at the batch plant.

We heard of the problems in the field with Lightweight Concrete in
general, and we were determined to make our product as
userfriendly and predictable as possible, which led us to an
extensive testing program before we would release it.

Our early testing was an exercise in testing the limits of the
product, and the test were basically designed to fail so we could
test the limits. As we moved forward with the testing, we filtered the
information down to a manageable level, and began to fine tune
that information, out of which we developed a mix design calculator
with predictability and accuracy in mind.
Most importantly all this testing revealed the optimum handling of
the material as well as documentation through testing on factors
such as moisture equilibrium and how that relationship affects
pumping in the field.

Finally, we tested material that was further processed in a trommel
to round the edges to see if this made the aggregate even more
pump friendly. Our tests proved that this process did further
improve the pumping through all the range of mixes. We then
worked with Doppstadt to application.  This final process has been
incorporated into the product.
Mix Design/Batch Control Calculator
designed Trommel.
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