There is now a local source of Lightweight Material, not only
meeting C330 specifications, but more importantly, a material
that has superior compressive strength that rival normal weight
concrete coarse aggregate, yet has an economy of cost over other
lightweight material presently in the market.

This product has evolved from our SRP product, a lightweight
aggregate developed for the general lightweight market, and a
product that has a final process step to insure ease of pumping
through a range of applications. The precast market, however, is
mostly a direct pour market, and this last step is not used and we
can pass that savings along to our precast partners.

A product made from a Northern California source keeps
shipping to a minimum.  More importantly, we do not use any
natural gas to expand the material. These facts not only add to the
green aspect of our product, but also produce a significant cost
savings over material that needs to be expanded as well as
shipped from a non California location.

Finding that the mix design calculators employed in the “normal
weight” concrete market could not meet the accuracy we felt was
needed, we developed our specialty calculator that takes all the
guess work out of the mix design and proportion for batching our
Lightweight material. Yield, weights, and proportions are now
accurate and predictable and the guess work is eliminated.

We will provide technical assistance, we will provide trial batch
assistance, and we will provide a specialized mix design
calculator that was developed in conjunction the extensive R & D
associated with our SRP product.