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Shrinkage cracks occur when the
concrete slab dries out and shrinks
slightly. Cracking is normal, and
concrete typically shrinks about 1/16 in.
simply a reduction in the volume of
concrete as it hardens. If this reduction
shrinkage and thus cracks occur.They
do this by installing control joints and
expansion or isolation joints. The
recommended spacing of these joints,
should be no further apart than twice the
thickness of the slab in feet. The depth
of the joints should be a minimum of 1/3
the thickness of the have a maximum
spacing of 8 feet, a 6 inch thick slab
would be 12 feet. The National Ready
Mixed Concrete Association recognizes
that cracks in concrete cannot be
prevented entirely, but they can be
controlled and minimized by properly
designed joints and proper placement
and curing practices.
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