An air biofilter uses organic materials to absorb
and biologically degrade odorous compounds.  
Odor control is a primary concern for large scale
composting facilities, even more so for those
located near residential areas.  There are several
options when considering odor control, including
chemical stripping, thermal destruction and
biofiltration. In most cases using a biofilter is the
most inexpensive and effective way to go.

Our material is prime to use in your biofiltration
project as your filter media. Not only is our media's
porosity perfect for filtration, but the lightweight
factor also lowers transportation and placement
costs.  Our material is also naturally
"clean" which
means the dirt and clay products were burned out  
in the natural kiln process (volcano), therefore
there is a decreased need for
"washing" the
Compost plant vents into
the ground
Air diffusion pipes
Diffusion pipes being covered
by filtration media
The Filtration media and
the Gravel layer are
Clearlake Lava products.
Compost Plant Air Filter Completed