The question of the term “clean” has caused some confusion in a number of instances. The purpose of this
article is to explain what the term “clean” means in the context of our lightweight material as well as discuss the
environmental benefits of using Clearlake Lava.

When we designate a product as clean it means that the product has more of the fine component screened out.
It has nothing to do with the inherit cleanliness of the product or the amount of “dirt” or “clay” in the product.

Our processed material has a PI of “0”. The volcanic action that produced the aggregate in the first place was
nothing more than a giant Kiln that burned all the dirt, clay, and organics out of the rock. Once we clear the
overburden in the quarry, there is nothing left but a naturally clean product just waiting to be processed and put
to work.

There is no need for expensive washing and no need to use water  (probably our most precious resource in the
Western United States) to process the material as all fines are nothing more than fine rock particles that are
completely non plastic. Thus, we can process the material to specific gradations with no worry about plasticity,
less energy, and absolutely no use of water.

Further, the light weight of the rock means more material per truckload, less trips to fill orders, less fuel, and less
cost to transport.

From start to finish, Clearlake Lava is the GREEN choice for your product or project.
:: Definition of the Term "Clean"::