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Euclid Chemical
High Performance Slab & Flatwork Concrete
Have you ever wished you could increase your four inch slump
concrete to a six inch slump, or even an eight inch slump while
maintaining quality and staying in spec?
It combines the right combination of quality cement, fly ash,
temperature control, concrete temperatures are adjusted for
enhanced finishing, and quality that you only dreamed about,
At Point Lakeview Redi-Mix our goal is to reduce your labor, save
you time and money, and provide you with quality products that
help you create satisfied customers.
*Faster out and down the chute
*Reduces pump time
*Plastic and drying shrinkage is drastically
*Higher strengths due to improved cement
*Reduces placement time
*Easier to screed and float
*Slower set in hot weather
PSI      Description                                                         Product Code

2500 -5.0 sack cementatious content maximum size 1"         #1A
3000 -5.5 sack cementatious content maximum size 1"         #1B
3500 -6.0 sack cementatious content maximum size 1"         #1C
4000 -6.5 sack cementatious content maximum size 1"         #1D

*Set Retarders: Offsets the effects of hot weather or extended haul times. Use to delay and control the setting time
of concrete resulting in improved hardened properties.

*Fibers: Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking. Provides greater impact and abrasion resistence.

*Air Entraining Agents: Provide air entrainment for freeze/thaw durability.